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New Site is Live

Published on Monday, January 23, 2017 at 01:41PM

The new site is live. I hope you like it. :)

Sad Day For Geeks

Published on Monday, November 19, 2012 at 04:39PM

This is a sad day for geeks.

Build & Analyze and Hypercritical, two of the best tech podcasts around, are ending in December.

This really sucks. :(

Instant Watch Database Redux

Published on Tuesday, May 01, 2012 at 12:18AM

People who know me are well aware of the fact that I have been working tirelessly on a brand new version of Instant Watch Database. I am still a few weeks away from a release, but I wanted to give everybody a glimpse of what is on the horizon.

Let me start by saying that I’m not taking the site in a drastically different direction. Simplicity is one of the things that sets Instant Watch Database apart from the rest of the Netflix sites out there, and I didn’t want to change that. At the same time, I wanted to take the site to the next level. Striking a balance between these two goals has been a challenge, but I think the end result will be one that makes most people happy.

New Look and Feel

First and foremost, the look and feel of Instant Watch Database will be changing quite a bit. The layout will remain the same (for the most part), but I decided to part ways with the red and black “Netflixy” look. I won’t go into the exact reasons for this decision, but it was done to prepare for some exciting new features I am still working on.

New Look and Feel

New Look and Feel

Better Mobile Compatibility

If you use Instant Watch Database on a mobile device, you may have noticed some quirks that make the experience less than perfect. I have spent a considerable amount of time addressing these issues.

Back-end Changes

I have definite plans for the future of Instant Watch Database, and those plans required me to make some drastic architecture changes. None of these changes will be obvious to you, but they will facilitate some of the exciting changes that will be coming soon! :)

Premium Memberships

Instant Watch Database has always been a free service, and it will continue to be. All of the basic site features will remain free, but features that currently require a login will soon require a $4.99 yearly subscription.

These are some of the features that will be limited to premium members:

  • No advertisements (Banner ads will be coming back, but not for premium members)
  • Sorting/Grouping queued titles
  • Excluding queued and watched titles from your search results
  • Queue management (e.g. removing items from your queue without being logged into Netflix)
  • Several brand new features (including some social goodness) that will be available when the new site launches

Oh, I almost forgot to mention something kind of important. If you already have an Instant Watch Database account (as of today), you will automatically become a premium member when the new site launches, and you will never be required to pay the yearly fee. Just my way of thanking everyone who has helped make Instant Watch Database a success. :)

PHP Frustration

Published on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 11:00PM

Making PHP act like a real programming language is frustrating. That is all.

What the hell is this thing?

Published on Friday, March 02, 2012 at 10:52PM

Well, it’s a website. More specifically, it’s a website that runs on a new blogging engine that I am currently writing. If the site looks unfinished, that’s because it is. I decided to release it as a work in progress, and update it as time permits. Think of it as an adventure!

I know what you are probably thinking. “Why on earth would you write your own blogging engine? Can’t you just use Wordpress or something?” Let me start by stating the obvious. There are a TON of blogging platforms out there, and most people can easily find one that fits their needs. The problem is, I’m not most people. I’m a geek, and on top of that, I’m a software developer. That means I have very specific (and weird) requirements for the software I use.

Basically, I wanted something simple, light-weight and fast. I also wanted the ability to write formatted posts without the need for a fancy shmancy HTML editor. Marco Arment seemed to have the right idea when he wrote Second Crack, so I took his efforts as inspiration and made the decision to build my own.